Exercise is Medicine ™ is a national initiative that it looks for:

1. To create brings back to consciousness of which the exercise is an excellent preventive and curative medicine.

2. To implement in the medical history that the physical activity is a vital sign to evaluate itself in each visit of the patient. The question is due to annex in the questionnaire of each visit to the doctor on frequency and amount of physical activity.

3. To train and to enable to the doctors and other professionals of the health so that they advise to his patients, analyzing its needs of physical activity.

4. To help to promote changes in the policies of the sectors deprived public and that stimulates the undelayable necessity to realise physical activity and the communal and labor daily scenes.

5. To create expectation between the population about which the professionals of the health can and must ask and recommend on physical exercise.

6. To physically stimulate to the doctors and the professionals of the health to be active.

The guiding principles of Exercise is Medicine ™ are the following:

The exercise and the physical activity are important for the health, the prevention and the treatment of nontransmissible chronic diseases.

More in relation to the physical activity and the exercise is due to do so that these are present in the different Centers from Health.

The ACSM and the MISTRESS are delivering attacks to emphasize on the importance of the physical activity and the exercise in the Centers of Health.