Mexican EIM is in the main social networks and has a portal Web with information on the program in which it has gratuitous material. The webpage and the educative material in Mexico have been updated and it is satisfied to constitute a source of intelligence for patients, doctors, informers and ordered of the governmental policies.

The used material turns out to be very illustrative from the proposal and it always is reinforcing the principle of the physical activity as the best product to conserve and to improve the health of the healthy and ill patients.

Together by the well-being

Nutrition and Physical Activity the nutrióloga Beatriz Boullosa, President of the Mexican Federation of Sport Nutrition and doctor Alejandro Cárdenas, President of Exerciseis Medicine in Mexico speak envelope how to combine a healthful diet that is part of your energy balance.

Happiness and Physical Activity the benefits to include the physical activity in your agenda go beyond the physical results. Many bonds between our brain, the social quality of life, health, happiness, stress, relations, the pleasure and the movement exist.

The Pyramid of the Physical Activity “What type of exercise I must do? , how I begin to take an active life? , what I must do if I have never been an active person? ” they are the doubts that can arise when deciding to include the physical activity in your daily days.