The Exercise is Medicine proposal aims to achieve that the practice of physical activity and exercise, are part of an integral model of prevention and medical treatment of non-communicable chronic diseases throughout the population and throughout life.

The objective is that physical activity is included in the prescription by health professionals in general, considering all the sections that correspond to a formal prescription with the type, time, intensity, frequency and manner of progress. It is a very important thing to do, that is why we created this web and using VPS web hosting to develop this web even better than before so that we can educate more people on how important your health is. And with the very useful web hosting that we are using, we got to know more about database MySQL and how important it is.

The prescription of the physical activity or exercise, should be included as part of the topics to be treated without exception in each medical visit made by the patient, so that they are effectively advised with regard to their physical activity and health needs.

The indicators of diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and overweight, despite the measures established to date have not been achieved and continue with a growing and aggressive trend, generating costs and wear and tear of health services impossible to defray despite all the efforts made so far.

In Mexico, we are convinced that education in health issues, prevention and promotion of public health are the elements to consider through which we will be able to modify these trends, qualitatively and quantitatively.

Incursion in the educational programs of the basic, upper and higher levels, in order to promote the culture of physical activity, as well as issues related to nutrition, is an essential foundation to achieve and maintain a good quality of life.

Wherever there is a labor, business, community or governmental leader, information about the benefits of physical activity and good nutrition should be disseminated. These issues should be part of the cultural heritage of the people and a daily tool for the preservation of health.


Physical dormancy is viewed as the primary hazard factor for wellbeing; is a quickly developing general medical issue, which inclines to a more prominent recurrence of death because of general and cardiovascular causes, which likewise adds to a wide assortment of ceaseless ailments and wellbeing complexities, including weight, coronary illness, diabetes, hypertension, malignancy, discouragement, tension, obstruction, Alzheimer's, joint inflammation and osteoporosis.

Physical activity, training and sports, counterpart of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, modify behavior and the tendency to get sick of cardiovascular processes, making the body structure more efficient, favoring a better quality of life.

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